How Livable has Dealt with the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by Livable Content Team on Jul 1, 2020 7:58:00 PM

Across the board, since 2020 Livable staff have continued to be a productive team while spending valued time with family and even taking time to give back while dealing with lockdowns and restrictions.  


Operations Manager Irene Bautista made a large donation to essential workers in her community after restrictions meant cancelling her daughter’s long-planned seventh birthday party. Bautista instead held a small gathering and donated the food meant to feed over 100 party guests to local police officers. A proud mom Irene says her daughter “understood the situation, and in fact, approved helping out others instead of throwing her a party”           


Irene’s husband Ruff, who works alongside his wife at Livable, said that physical fitness has become increasingly important for the family. They invested in a home treadmill to be active at home, which Ruff believes leads him to be an even more productive worker. “We are doing our best to stay fit to be able to work better for the Livable team,” he said. 


Like many others around the world, Collections Specialist Glenda Tatel had to become an impromptu home-school teacher to her school-age children. Luckily Glenda chose to see the positive in this change and said  “Before, I wouldn't have had the chance and the time to be focused on teaching them things, but now, I give them a run-down of what needs to be done and learned, especially in reading”       


Allocation Team Lead Geraldine Gundayao has loved spending more time with her mom, and the two pooled their resources to buy snacks for frontline workers. “One of the heads of our community is a good friend of mine and we gave them food and drinks to him to distribute to his co-front liners, It wasn’t anything big, but we were happy to see smiles on their faces to say thanks for that small act.” 


Account Executive Sarah Hoverson agreed that going for socially distant runs and setting up a home yoga studio has been essential to keeping a constructive and optimistic mindset. “They have helped me stay connected to my body, especially through breath and movement together, it helps me practice gratitude and appreciation for my health and having an able body” 


Aaron Mills actually joined the Livable Operations team during the shelter in place and echoed his new co-workers’ sentiments about creating new priorities during the pandemic. “I've realized I can be just as productive—if not more—by putting in fewer work hours and using that time to recoup. I handle stressful situations better, think more clearly, sleep better and all of these things compound on each other to make me better at work, as well as at home.”


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Livable_SuperSaver_TipOfTheMonth_v2 (1)

It is no secret that the laundry room is one of the higher energy-consuming areas of the home, utilizing both water and energy. Luckily there are several consumption tips for both the washer and dryer.

  • Coldwater saves! - washing in cold water takes away the energy used by the hot water tank, reducing energy consumption. Did you know cold water-washed clothes come out just as clean as warm washed?!
  • Clean the lint screen - a simple thing that people forget is the lint screen, not only does cleaning the filter after each dry save energy but if left too long it can be a major fire hazard!
  • Dry full loads only - clothes that are alike in weight should be dried together to lessen dryer time.
  • Buy Smart - If you’re purchasing a new dryer think about saving energy and buy one with a sensor that will turn off the machine automatically when the clothes are dry.

come and save with us staying home Livable staff we heal as one Staying Strong and Giving Back